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I put my hand up to being a travel forum tragic. Usually I hang about at LonelyPlanet on the Africa branch and it was through this that I happened to start up a short correspondence with a man from Queensland who was planning the same holiday as us (only in reverse) with his wife and two teenage daughters. We just swapped notes a couple of times and jokingly noted to look out for each other in Etosha as we determined we would be there for 2 or 3 days at the same time.
On our first full day in Etosha we stopped at the 'internet cafe' on our way out of Okakuejo camp to send an email home. My partner Rob, son Alex and I clustered around one computer and me being the only competent typer, spent 15 minutes composing a message. This was actually quite laborious as I had done a fairly good job of nearly cutting the end of my index finger off the night before while preparing tea using a leatherman tool which is actually a lethal weapon. Anyway, we had nearly finished when Rob, looking at something near the computer, says, 'That's not your purse is it?' I look where he is looking and there is a wallet sitting there near the keyboard which we have all failed to notice for the last quarter of an hour. I pick it up and tentatively open it to see an Australian Drivers License of a gentleman from Queensland, first name Tim. 'I think the name of that guy I chatted to on LonelyPlanet was Tim', I say incredulously and before we ran out of internet time, I log into LP and check my old personal messages and sure enough the guys name is Tim. 'It must be him there can't be too many Tims from Queensland here!' Like an amatuer super slueth, I head over to the office and ask to look at the check-in book. There it is, a Tim X at Campsite 8. Supremely pleased with myself we head over to the camping area and find Campsite 8. In true carefree Australian style everything is there including backpack, shoes, books, tent etc all lying around and noone in sight. Heading back to the pool area I take surreptitious glances at Tim's driver's license photo. We decide to spend some time at the waterhole and go back to the campsite later. As we walk through the pool bar, I catch sight of a grey haired guy who looks up and makes eye contact and even lifts a hand in a tentative acknowledgement. Getting round the corner I tell Rob and Alex to go on ahead telling them I'm going to chance it and check this guy out. I round the corner of the bar and there is an affable faced man with two very pretty teenage daughters and his lovely wife. Looking up he says, 'Danielle?' '
Tim?' I reply. To which he nods.
I hold out his wallet, 'I think you're missing something?'
A look at the wallet and then a look of amazement passes across his face and those of his family. We all laugh and smile amid introductions and explanations about the lost and found wallet. Pulling up a seat we order a round of drinks. They say its a small world, but what are the chances?

Posted by threedogs 01:20 Archived in Namibia

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